Aquaculture Sector

According to TURKSTAT data for the year 2014, Elazığ is the first in the country in the production of trout with annual 14.400 tons production.
Elazığ is one of the richest water potentials of our country with dam lakes, natural lakes and rivers in the province borders. This richness contains Hazar Lake, is a natural lake, Keban Dam Lake, Karakaya Dam Lake and many small rivers. There is a serious production in the aquaculture sector through both aquaculture and hunting. Especially in trout farming, Elazığ has been the forefront in Turkey.
The amount of trout produced in Elazığ is 281 tons/year in 2001, 4.223 tons/year in 2008, approximately 15.000 tons/year in 2013. Total production capacity of trout farms is 10 tons/years in 1996, 1.860 tons/year in 2006, 22.085 tons/year in 2010 and 32.555 tons/year in 2013. Considering 63.066 hectares of water area owned by Elazığ, the current capacity is expected to increase further in the near future.