Culture and Tourism

Having traces of many civilizations, Elazığ has many historical, cultural and natural beauties such as Ice Cave, Golan Springs, Hazarbaba Ski Center, which are very similar to beloved tourism, historical Harput city, Archeology and Ethnography Museum, Hazar Lake, Keban and Karakaya Dam. It has many touristic values. Surrounded by 3 sides of water, Elazığ offers a unique opportunity to investors in the tourism field while offering unique opportunities for its guests with its historical and cultural tourism values as well as having a peninsular view. In 2013, 2631 foreign tourists and 98,275 local tourists visited Elazığ. Here are some of the major tourist attractions: Harput Castle (Milk Castle): It is reported that milk and egg whites are used in the production because of the lack of water during the construction due to drought. The castle, which is believed to have been built during the Urartian period, has a very imposing appearance on the Elazığ plain as a judge. It also has many historical sites around it. Ulu Mosque: This mosque, one of the earliest works of Harput and its environs, was built by Artukids in the 12th century. The Iran-Seljuk plan and its structure are fused with Anatolian characteristics, and the two-door structure with motifs is an important work. The curvature up to the honor of the Minarets has moved as far as the day. Ice Cave: Due to geomorphological structure of the cave located in the north-east of Harput, the stalactites and stalagmites in summer form a warm indoor environment in winter. The Church of the Virgin Mary: The church on the slope of Harput is one of the oldest Assyrian churches. A wall is made up of rocks and there are roads leading to the castle in the church. Arab Baba Tomb: The tomb and mosque, which is famous for the name of Arab Baba in the inside, and the inanimate body which is as corrupt as the day-to-day life. It was built by Gıyaseddin Keyhüsrev. It contains many elements of the Seljuk architecture. NATURAL WONDERS OF THE HAZAR Hazar Baba Ski Center: The ski resort in the mountain of Hazar Baba in the district of Sivrice has 19 ski lifts and a cafeteria with a skiing and eating and drinking facilities. In addition, the runway enjoys a distinctive viewing pleasure from the other ski resorts with the Hazar Lake and the Keban Dam overlooking the lake. Hazar Lake: A natural lake that has been registered as a wetland with many endemic plants and livelihoods inside and out. The lake, which is 22 km long, with many beaches and recreational areas and many recreational and educational facilities of many public and private institutions in its vicinity, is a resort area. The presence of the sunken city, which has been registered as a protected site, is an opportunity for diving sports. The "Hazar Water Sports Festival" is organized every year in the lake which offers all kinds of water sports, and "2011 World Offshore 225 Championship" will be held in Hazar Lake. Moreover, the annual "International Hazar Poetry Evenings" is one of the indispensable activities of the world of literature. It is open to new investments that can be considered together with the Hazar Baba Ski Center which is just beside it as a tourism area. Keban Dam: Turkey's largest artificial lake, Keban Dam, has electricity production as well as fish farms. Keban Dam for Elazığ, which is the first place in trout production, is a very attractive region for the investments to be made in the field of fishing. At the same time, fishing in the mountains with unique views has attracted the attention of local tourists in recent years. Thermal Tourism: Golan Thermal Baths in Karakoçan District of Elazığ and Pertek Spa with 25 km distance to Elazığ center welcomes guests. Palu Castle: The castle of Palu, which is a castle with a "chest extension" by the expression of Evliya Çelebi, carries traces of many civilizations. It is located 1 km east of the town. The southern and southeastern parts are surrounded by the Murat River and because of its steepness in the north and west, it is a fortress that is natural to defend and difficult to seize. Evliya Çelebi even wrote that Timur passed by without even trying to conquer what he saw. There are many unusual structures on earth such as inscriptions, rock tombs, rock tunnels, temples, water cisterns, worship niches, rock ladders, and rock warehouses.