Elazığ BDC

ELAZIĞ BDC provides training and consultancy support for new businesses, technology support, access to financial resources, business facilities, office equipment and office services in appropriate conditions and provides businesses with a healthy way to grow their business.
There is only one BDC present. In addition, one more project is in progress.


Elazığ BDC

Elazığ 2.  BDC (Project)

Number of Total Workshops



Number of Occupied Workshops



Number of Empty Workshops



Number of Allocated Empty Workshops



Source: Elazığ Provincial Special Administration, 2014

ELAZIĞ BDC, which is established in our province, is a province in Turkey with the prepared institution and administration directive. Unique support of NGOs, municipal governments, local administrations and public institutions and organizations has created a structure in which the whole province is owned. ELAZIĞ BDC is a joint venture.
At ELAZIĞ BDC; those who think of manufacturing are willing to spend this idea. Entrepreneurs who have difficulties in developing their business are provided with various facilities. The aim of ELAZIĞ BDC is to accelerate local and regional development by establishing successful enterprises, to encourage entrepreneurship, to revive the economy and to provide a safe working environment.