Companies in the plastic sector that manufacture such as packaging materials, waste water and utility water pipes, PVC door-window, plates, glasses, forks and spoons operate in Organized Industrial Zone and industrial sites in Elazığ central district.
Elazığ is one of the leading producers of production points that are ready to meet the demand for plastic products of the country and the Middle East market.
Elazığ has the infrastructure in the field of plastic pipe production. In the years when Keban Dam was built, there was a serious amount of money entering the city due to land expropriations, so Keban Holding was established and then a series of industrial investments were made in Elazığ, including a plastic pipe factory. People who have experience in the factory have established new pipe factories and plastic pipe production has been widespread in Elazığ. Due to this infrastructure in the sector, one of the major holdings of our country preferred Elazığ to the region for the investment of plastic pipes in 2011 and has been continuing its operation.