Poultry Husbandry


In Elazığ, the climate is extremely affordable for poultry husbandry. However, it is necessary to have extensive knowledge and experience in breeding chickens for efficient production. Elazığ is competitive in terms of modern facilities, production methods in accordance with international standards and proximity to international markets in poultry husbandry.
A large number of poultry houses were opened for white meat production in Elazığ with the support of loans received from the World Bank in 2000s. Elazığ has experience in poultry sector.
With the support of TKDK, for the investment of a 25 thousand-capacity broiler production farm, the investor will spend from his own budget, approximately 300.000 TL. This is not a high amount compared to other investments. The turnaround time of the investment is about 4 years, so it makes the investment attractive. Thanks to TKDK support, broiler farming are very attractive for investors.
As of 2015, 112 broiler farms in Elazığ were eligible to receive support from the TKDK and lots of them have completed their investments. The total investment amount of these farms is approximately 130 million TL. 80 million TL of these are TKDK grants. The capacities of farms are about 25 thousand.