Provided services


  • Free consultancy is provided to the investors.
  • The investors are guided by collecting data on eligible opportunities.
  • The investor are informed about the investment opportunity of Elazığ.
  • The investors are informed about permits, approval and other administrative works and transactions and direct them to the related institutions and organizations.
  • Providing relevant information about Governmental supports, EU and international funds.
  • The consultancy are provided about Fırat Development Agency' supports.
  • The various information’s requested by domestically and internationally within the context of investment consultancy service are responded.
  • The sectoral analyses are done.
  • The organizations are made with the relevant institutions and organizations for foreign entrepreneurs.
  • The promotion of Elazığ’s business and investment opportunities are made at national and international level
  • Investment Incentive Certificate are issued within the scope of general investment incentive system

Applying to the Investment Support Office is depending of discretion of investors, and the services provided to the investor are free of charge. However, the fees and other financial obligations stipulated in the relevant legation for permits and/or licenses or other administrative works and transaction is belong to the business owner.

Applicants may receive information about the status of their work and transactions under the Investment Support Office's monitoring and coordination.